Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing

Fully Mobile Service

Program Cost: $60.00 first mask /$40.00 every subsequent mask per person, plus GST.

Meets all Provincial Legislation and CSA Standards 

Any person who is required to wear a tight fitting face piece during the course of their normal day to day work duties, or any person who is required to wear a tight fitting face piece for emergency response activities should be fit tested to ensure an effective seal.

Test Length: 10 minutes per mask

Quantitative respiratory fit testing uses an instrument to measure the effect of the respirator seal that is suitable for use on all air purifying, air supplying and N, R and P series filtering facepiece respirators.

This method does not rely on your sense of taste, smell, or irritation in order to detect the leakage. Instead, the respirator fit testing equipment measures real-time fit while the user simultaneously performs a series of moving, breathing and talking exercises designed to simulate the same movements made in the field.

Every participant who successfully completes the fit test is provided with a wallet card indicating the respirator they were fitted with and its size.