Written June 21, 2014 Attendee:  Great Job.  Fantastic!  See you in three years.

Written June 19, 2014 Attendee (Nanaimo location): Thanks John.  Your instructional style, technical knowledge and anecdotes were a great combination in keeping my interest and assisting in refreshing my fall arrest / fall protection knowledge base.

Written June 9, 2014 Attendee of our new OSSA Elevated Work Platform:  Very good instruction for the first time teaching the course.  Keep up the good work.

Written June 8, 2014 Attendee:  Was a great instructor, gave one on one help when needed.  Very clear and understandable.  Best Oil Sands course I’ve taken.

Written June 8, 2014 Attendee:  Instructor was very helpful.  Excellent training.  Instructor has extensive knowledge and is very good at his job.

Written May 15 & 16, 2014 Attendee:  Loved all the hands on training and scenario.  Practice made it easier to understand everything.  Best First Aid class ever!!

Written May 12, 2014 Attendee:  2nd time in same course with Conrad.  Wouldn’t want any other instructor.  Great knowledge, great instruction and attitude.

Written April 26, 2014 Attendee:  Fourth time taking this course.  Most knowledgeable instructor so far.  Provided good insight & eye opening real life scenarios.

Written April 16, 2014 Attendee:  Lots of hands on which was great.

Written March 29, 2014 Attendee:  Very transparent delivery of course.  Complete understanding achieved by way of extra explanation from instructor.

Written March 10, 2014 Attendee:  This is my second course with John.  I am very happy with his teaching method and attention to details.  His work/life experiences are shared with the class and provide excellent insight into the safety culture that these courses are meant to foster.  Thank you.

Written February 11, 2014 Attendee:  I’ll use PRST every time I need a course you offer.

Written January 29, 2014 Attendee:  Definitely enjoyed all the hands on training and thorough explanations of all questions.  Really impressed with the courses and the instructors you guys employ!

Written January 20, 2014  R.Mumford:  I took your H2S Alive course on December 28, 2013 in Langley.  I’d like to thank you for making the course fun.  I went in expecting some boring book work (everyone I know who has taken it say it’s really boring) but you made it memorable.

Written January 18, 2014  M.Muir:  I did my H2S Alive training there yesterday and thought the teacher (Conrad) was amazing with the teaching skills he represents.  The secretaries are also very helpful and easy to speak with while reserving my spot there.  If anyone is in need of some training for work I strongly recommend this place as they were awesome all around!!  Thx again Pacific Rim and especially to you, Conrad.  Cheers, MM.